Erimos is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics to treat cancer and viral diseases. We are dedicated to harnessing our innovative technology to meaningfully improve the lives and health outcomes of patients. 


Our lead product, Terameprocol, acts by inhibiting the expression of survivin (BIRC5) and other specific SP1-regulated proteins over-expressed in cancer, such as cdc2 and VEGF. Intravenous administration of Terameprocol has been evaluated in multiple Phase 1 single agent studies in solid tumours, leukaemia and high grade glioma. It has demonstrated long-term tolerability, disease stability and anti-tumour activities. Pre-clinical tests have also shown promising anti-viral results. 




Erimos Pharmaceuticals is focused on the discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics to treat cancer and viral diseases. 

We have conducted multiple clinical trials with terameprocol at top tier institutions and clinical trial sites in the US.

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Erimos has sponsored clinical studies at a number of leading institutions throughout the U.S.  We have developed and maintained relationships with leading institutions involved in cutting-edge cancer and anti-viral research world-wide. 

The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is one of our key research partners. Erimos has licensed a portfolio of patents from JHU. We have also sponsored research at JHU. 

Erimos is currently partnering with the Adult Brain Tumor Consortium in a clinical study to evaluate terameprocol as a therapy for recurrent high grade glioma.


“Erimos offers pharmaceutical partners the opportunity of new products based on novel technology that, very importantly, are already in the clinic.”

Jeffrey Khoo
Chairman and CEO

Erimos is actively growing and pursuing a near-term business strategy which includes collaborations with interested parties in drug discovery, development and commercialization. Our ongoing research supports a broad-spectrum market opportunity backed by patented global intellectual property.

Erimos is seeking a partnership for the development and commercialization of our clinical stage compound, terameprocol, for solid tumors, hematological malignancies, pre-neoplastic conditions, viral infections and  potentially, other diseases.

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Erimos Pharmaceuticals is a privately-held company. Erimos is interested in raising additional capital to fund the expansion of our current development capabilities.

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